General Questions


1. What is Tallo?

Tallo is a digital ecosystem that assists all levels of talent in identifying career pathways, educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline. We’re the first online platform for students to showcase their academic and technical skills and connect with organizations looking for them.

2. How does it work?

Tallo acts as a virtual hub, bringing everyone together: students of all ages (13+), technical schools, universities, companies, organizations, and more. Students showcase their talents through digital profiles, discover resources and scholarships, receive guidance and coaching, and connect with talent seekers who can view student profiles and recruit them directly via internal messaging.

3. Is it free?

Yes. Getting started is free for both students and organizations.

4. Is it just for a specific age group?

No. Students can begin using Tallo from middle school (age 13) all the way up through high school and into the college and career ranks. It’s never too late to build a Tallo profile – college and companies are always looking.

5. Is it secure?

Yes. Tallo is committed to protecting students’ privacy, and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

6. Why is this different from other portfolio-based solutions?

First, Tallo provides a direct connection between students and talent seekers through internal messaging. This enables colleges and companies to communicate with students on an individual level and establish a relationship, allowing organizations to promote their opportunities to the next generation and build their future talent pipeline. Second, students are given guidance and coaching through an individualized dashboard which provides suggestion and resources based on information they enter into their profile.

7. What kind of colleges and businesses use Tallo?

All kinds. Schools and companies, both large and small, are all looking for something different through their recruiting efforts – be it career interests, test scores, credentials, work experience, grades, soft skills, and more. 

Student Questions


1. How do students sign up?

It’s easy. Simply click the Sign Up button at the top of the page to register.

2. What are students able to showcase on their profile?

Students are able to showcase almost anything with their digital profiles: courses taken, grades, test scores, credentials, interests, experience, extracurriculars, college interest, videos, files, and more.

3. How do colleges and companies find students?

Colleges and companies use specific sets of criteria to dial in what kind of talent they want to identify. They can search by location, interest, test scores, associations, and more to find the exact type of talent they want to connect with and recruit into their school or company.

4. Can students use their profile anywhere?

Yes, you can take your profile anywhere on any mobile device. It’s there for students to access at any time to showcase their skills and abilities in all situations. Students can even share their profile via email invitation to colleges and companies to review outside of Tallo.

5. What is the Tallo Rating & Ranking?

Tallo rates and ranks all students on Tallo. Those students who wish to participate will receive a 1-5 star rating and earn their ranking based on the overall strength of their Tallo profile. A student’s rating and ranking will display at the top of his or her profile. Students will be able to see how they really stack up against other students on the platform and earn recognition for their efforts, both academically and technically.

6. How are students ranked and rated?

Tallo looks at over 30 metrics of a student’s profile to determine his or her rating and ranking against other students on Tallo.

7. Do students have to participate in the rating and ranking?

No. The Tallo rating and ranking is optional. If students do not wish to participate in the rating and ranking, they can simply opt out and re-enter the system when they feel ready.

8. Do students receive guidance and coaching?

Absolutely. We provide every student with an individualized guidance console – the dashboard. We take the information a student’s profile such as interests and test scores – and then offer specific comparative data, major and career suggestions, and more based on his or her input. Students can also search for scholarships, find helpful tools and tips, and view college and company profiles that match their interests.

Secondary School Questions


1. How does a school or school district use Tallo?

Tallo allows schools and school districts to see where their students are and guide them where they want to be. Schools can see the make-up of their entire school population on Tallo through their digital profiles. 

2. How does this help students?

Through Tallo, schools and districts can use the information in their students’ profiles and help them make choices and decisions that lead to meaningful and satisfying careers. Schools and districts can also communicate with their students directly and bolster their visibility to colleges and companies in their region and beyond.

3. How does this help a school or school district?

Schools and districts gain meaningful real-time data accumulated from all of their students’ profiles to guide their progression as a school or district based on unlimited sets of criteria on Tallo. They can also show what their school is made of – as students get discovered, colleges and industries will recognize the skills being taught by the faculty and administration at your school. 

4. Is Tallo FERPA compliant?

Yes. Tallo is entirely student driven and in no way, shape or form is any school or school district disclosing any student information that the student has not agreed to in our Terms of Use.

5. Are colleges and companies verified?

Yes. Colleges and companies must have an authentic D-U-N-S number to become a Tallo organization. They must then be independently verified by Tallo before their accounts are activated.

6. How is information entered into student profiles?

The Tallo profile is entirely student-driven. Students enter all information on their own. No one else may enter information into a student’s profile other than the owner of that account. Any action otherwise is a violation of our Terms of Use. 

7. Are student profiles verified for accuracy?

Yes. Tallo is an exercise in integrity and audits a percentage of student profiles to maintain authenticity. Tallo reserves the right to request any and all information from a student to corroborate information entered in his or her profile. If it is found that information is inaccurate or misleading, the student will be removed from the Tallo platform.

8. Can Tallo be used as a mentorship tool?

Absolutely. Students can invite parents, teachers and guidance counselors to be mentors for their Tallo accounts. Mentors will gain read-only access of students’ profiles to provide guidance and assistance.

9. Can schools and school districts track their students after they graduate?

Yes. As long as a school’s alumni keep their Tallo accounts active after they graduate, the school can reach out to them directly and follow where their next steps take them as they update their profile.

10. How does a school or school district get started?

It’s easy. Contact us at to learn more about how Tallo can help your school or school district. To help with getting your students on Tallo, we’ve provided videos and documents to assist in the process. Find them in the Learn section at the footer of our website.

Post-Secondary School & Company Questions


1. How does a college or company use Tallo?

Colleges, technical schools, and companies use Tallo to search for, identify and connect with emerging talent from anywhere in the country.

2. How does this help a college or company?

Schools and businesses can reach out and establish a relationship early with the right talent. This allows organizations to foster and cultivate students’ potential and build a stable, continuous pipeline of talent to fill their opportunities in higher-education and industry.

3. Can a college or company sign up for free?

Yes. Colleges and companies can build a profile at no cost.

4. Can an organization promote their school or business?

Yes. With a free profile, colleges and companies can share more about their programs and opportunities, provide background and contact information, add web and social media links, upload videos, and more. Tallo students can view college and corporate profiles within the platform.

5. Can colleges and companies share opportunities like scholarships, internships, and events?

Yes. A free account allows colleges and companies to post scholarships, available internships, and even events. Opportunities can be managed within Tallo. You can even have students apply for your opportunities directly through the platform.

6. How does a college or company search for talent?

An organization can use limitless combinations of criteria to search for and dial in on the right talent. They can even save searches and track students longitudinally to see how they develop and make sure they are a good fit. Colleges and companies must upgrade to premium level to gain access the talent database. Contact us for pricing at for pricing.

7. Does a college or company receive analytics on talent?

Yes. Tallo displays all the data on talent that colleges and companies need in a way that makes it useful. We break down your talent by geographic location, gender ratio, GPA, test scores, skills, interests, and more.

8. How does a college or company get started?

To get started, simply click Sign Up at the top of the site and register as an educational institution or business. Be sure to have your D-U-N-S number ready for verification.

9. What is a D-U-N-S number?

A D-U-N-S, Number is a unique nine-digit identification number for each physical location of your business. D-U-N-S Number assignment is free for all businesses that are required to register with the federal government for contracts or grants. To find out your D-U-N-S number, ask your accounting department.