New Business Spotlight: Tidelands Health


Tidelands Health is committed to more than just its patients. It is also committed to its employees and communities. Comprised of three hospitals, more than fifty outpatient locations, and over 2,000 employees and physician partners, Tidelands Health is one of coastal South Carolina’s largest healthcare systems. It is also one of the newest organizations to join STEM Premier's growing network as it seeks to build relationships with South Carolina students interested in pursuing the healthcare vocation.  . 

Tideland Health’s mission of helping people live better lives through better health began more than sixty years ago in Georgetown, SC. In 1946, citizens of Georgetown committed to constructing a hospital to serve the local community. That commitment came to life in 1950, when the first patient was admitted at Georgetown County Memorial Hospital - later to become Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital. Since then, the hospital has expanded and two additional hospitals have become a part of the system: Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital and Tidelands Waccamaw Rehabilitation Hospital. Over its sixty-year history, the system has provided healthcare to countless patients.

While its patients are always the #1 priority, Tidelands Health also prioritizes and invests in its employees. “We are focused on creating an environment where professional development is encouraged, innovation is rewarded and a healthy work-life balance is nurtured,” explains Busy Kimball, Manager of Talent Acquisition at Tidelands Health.

That's why Tidelands Health wants to be known amongst South Carolina’s students - and future healthcare professionals - so that they consider it when planning their futures. “We are excited to partner with STEM Premier and believe it will help us deepen our relationship within the region by introducing Tidelands Health to members of the community at a young age,” says Busy. “Though this partnership, we will provide financial support and educational opportunities to prepare young people in our area for a future in health care.”

These educational opportunities include internships, mentorships, and shadowing so that students can get first-hand experiences of what it’s like to work for Tidelands. The goal is to connect interested young students with experts in health-related fields and introducing them to the large variety of career paths available in healthcare.  

Busy says that prospective employees of should be self-driven and open-minded. “Tidelands Health is looking for self-motivated individuals with an interest in health care, a positive, customer service-focused attitude and a sense of pride in their work,” she explains. “In addition, we choose to support and hire individuals who demonstrate an openness to diversity and project a sense of inclusion for individuals unlike themselves.”

By prioritizing these criteria in their hiring process, Tidelands Health has built a network of professionals who are ready and willing to engage outside of the workplace. For prospective employees, becoming part of Tidelands Health also means becoming a part of the community. “Beyond our hospitals,” says Busy, “we partner with the community to deliver health and wellness services. Through the Tidelands Health Sports Medicine Institute, for example, we fund athletic trainers in area high schools...and our Tidelands Community Care Network, a regional collaborative of more than 30 community service organizations, churches, associations and state agencies, connects our region’s uninsured and underinsured residents with medical care and critical services such as food, housing and transportation.”

STEM Premier is excited to welcome Tidelands Health to our network, and we look forward to the enhanced engagement it will provide for students pursuing professions in healthcare; such as those involved with our partner HOSA.  

STEM Premier Connections: Inspiring the Future of Healthcare


STEM Premier isn’t just about recruiting. It’s also about helping students fulfill their dreams. Often times, connecting a student with a life-changing opportunity is more impactful than connecting them with a school or employer.

Smriti Moorjani, a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, has never doubted her ambition to be a doctor. It’s a goal which inspired her to get involved with HOSA - Future Health Professionals when she was only fourteen years old. “A majority of upperclassmen in my high school were involved in HOSA,” she recalls, “they shared their experiences in this organization, which was really inspiring to learn about.”

Regular membership in the organization quickly led to more involved roles, as she eventually became the organization’s Historian for the entire state of New Jersey. She credits this role as having helped her develop as a leader.

It was Smriti's engagement with HOSA which led her to STEM Premier. “I was interested in applying for certain opportunities in HOSA, and the application was available through STEM Premier.”

One of those opportunities was applying to the HOSA 2017 Public Health Leadership Scholars Program, a unique one-week program through the US Department of Health and Human Services. By being selected, Smriti was able to spend a week in Washington D.C. with like-minded peers gaining knowledge about public health. She met with public health leaders, toured facilities, and discussed a variety of relevant and pressing topics.

“By exposing us to the many sectors within public health, this program helped us better understand the field and how we can incorporate public health in our future careers,” she explains. “At the end of the program, we created final presentations that summarized our experiences and what we learned from this program.”

Smriti also took advantage of STEM Premier to apply for a $2,000 National HOSA Scholarship, which she was awarded. 

She especially appreciates how the STEM Premier platform tailors her user experience based on her profile. “By updating information like my coursework and experiences, it matches me with opportunities.”

Her passion for health care doesn’t end with HOSA. Over the years, Smriti has become involved with a plethora of health-related organizations which have helped her refine her skills and knowledge through service, competition, and mentorship.

At such a young age, she is passionately committed to helping others. And there is a little doubt that she will soon be making an impact on a much larger scale.

Learn a bit more about Smriti in her own words:

Something you wouldn't know about me is...that I enjoy photography.

For fun, I like to….listen to music; it’s a huge stress-reliever!

If I could meet anyone in the world, past or present, I would want to meet…Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I am inspired by his dedication to the healthcare field and want to learn more about his experiences.

The best teacher I’ve ever had was….Mr. Pfeffer, my high school physical science teacher. He is both an outstanding teacher and amazing mentor.

The last app I downloaded on my phone was….Netflix.

In ten years, I see myself….completing my education and training to become a doctor.

My greatest dream wholeheartedly contribute to improving others’ lives.

STEM Premier Top 100 Student Honored at HOSA International Leadership Conference

Our friends at HOSA-Future Health Professionals recently held their HOSA International Leadership Conference last month. The Orlando, Florida event marked a momentous and successful year for HOSA as their membership grew to 218,000 individuals!

Perhaps more importantly, the conference also provided an opportunity for HOSA to award $96,000 in scholarship support to dozens of deserving students from across the country. These recipients will become our nation’s next generation of doctors, nurses, technicians, and scientists. HOSA members apply for the National HOSA Scholarships through STEM Premier. This means that every applicant and recipient is represented on STEM Premier's platform.  

Although all of the recipients are doubtlessly commendable, we would like to throw a special shout-out to Sydney Bertram from Columbia, South Carolina. Sydney was honored by HOSA with a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by STEM Premier. 

As a two-time STEM Premier Top 100 student, Sydney has been in our spotlight before.  However, her further accomplishments only reinforce our belief that she will one day make her mark on the field of healthcare. She recently committed to attend Clemson University and was also accepted by the University of Virginia and UNC-Chapel Hill. We wish her the best of luck as a Tiger! Congratulations, Sydney!

Looking Closer: Student Interest in Healthcare Support

In recent posts, we shed some light on some of the career interests of STEM Premier student members. Now we’re delving deeper into select industries to see exactly what jobs students have on their radar. Today, we’re looking at the healthcare support occupational area. 

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to reach retirement age, the population of the U.S. continues to age. in 1970, the median age of U.S. citizens was 27 years old. By 2015, that figure had leaped to nearly 38 years old. As a result, the demand for healthcare jobs is projected to rise dramatically in order to keep healthy our older citizenry. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the healthcare industry is expected to grow nearly twenty percent between 2014 and 2024, and add nearly 2.5 million new jobs. This projected growth is faster than any other occupational area.

Needless to say, ensuring this demand for workers is met will be a challenge for hospitals, nursing facilities, and dental offices around the country. The good news is that there are STEM Premier student members who are ready to fill this gap. Here are some examples of healthcare support occupations that STEM Premier students are interested in.

  • Nursing, Psychiatric, and Home Health Aides
  • Dental Assistants
  • Physical Therapist Assistants
  • Massage Therapists
  • Medical Transcriptionists

We are also proud to be partners with HOSA - Future Health Professionals, whose many members are showcased through our platform. This is yet another way to find the type of talent you're looking for.  

Are you a college or company wanting to connect with upcoming talent in the healthcare fields? Join STEM Premier today.