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STEM Premier Spotlight: Indiana

Quick Facts:

  • STEM Premier Secondary-Level Students: 1,600+
  • Top College Interests: Purdue University, Indiana University, Ball State University, Butler University, University of Notre Dame
  • Top Intended Majors: Computer Science, Pre-Medicine, Biology, Nursing

This week’s STEM Premier spotlight brings us to the Hoosier State, home of the world-famous Indianapolis 500 automobile race. Speaking of automobiles, we were proud to announce in September a fantastic partnership with Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) and Vincennes University who are utilizing the STEM Premier platform to recruit for TMMI’s Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program; an education-to-work initiative billed as Indiana’s strongest supportive-manufacturing degree.

Indiana’s STEM Premier’s student base - which includes two hundred National Honor Society members - has a strong presence in the central part of the state. Approximately one-third of student members are located in and around the state’s capital of Indianapolis. However, the remainder of the student base is spread fairly equally; most notably in Ft. Wayne, South Bend, and the southeastern reaches of Chicago where the metropolis has crept across Indiana’s border. The top occupational interests of Indiana’s students include surgeons, mechanical engineers, and registered nurses.

ACT’s 2016 Condition of STEM Report on Indiana finds that the state’s student interest in STEM (52%) exceeds the national average (48%); a trend which is five years running. Of those students interested in the STEM fields, Medical Sciences (42%) and Engineering/Technology (24%) appear to be the most desirable areas.

Learn more about STEM in Indiana by checking out ACT's full report.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana Joins STEM Premier-Vincennes University Partnership

One month ago, we announced our partnership with Indiana-based Vincennes University. However - not to rest on our laurels - we’re excited to announce another incredible member of this collaboration: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana.

Building off of our partnership with VU, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) will be utilizing STEM Premier’s platform to recruit students for their Advance Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program. Billed as the strongest manufacturing-supportive degree in the state of Indiana, Toyota’s AMT program is an education-to-work initiative offered through Vincennes University.

Students in this program will be engaged in a high-powered five semester curriculum along with a paid working experience, all while being exposed to the best practices of Toyota’s world class manufacturing process. Over the course of the program, students will earn enough pay to cover their educational expenses and the opportunity to graduate debt free. This kind of opportunity is what STEM Premier is all about!

This three-way collaboration between STEM Premier, Vincennes University, and TMMI will play a part in alleviating the manufacturing skills gaps which is projected to become a major issue in the near future. Over 3.5 million manufacturing jobs are expected to be needed over the next decade, based on estimates from the National Association of Manufacturers. Of those, 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to the gap in necessary manufacturing skills.

“As technology increases, so does the need for skilled technicians at our facility. Programs such as the AMT program do a great job at creating a qualified pipeline of skilled technicians who are job ready,” said Terry Henderson, general manager, human resources at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana. “However, in order to maintain that talent pipeline, we need to reach high school students earlier and educate them on our programs and opportunities. That’s why our partnership with STEM Premier is so important to our success.”

Vincennes University Teams Up with STEM Premier

It’s a great day to be a Vincennes University Trailblazer!

We recently announced our newest partnership with VU - located in Vincennes, Indiana - to bring STEM Premier to the state’s oldest institution of higher education. The partnership will provide all students with access to our platform which will help them showcase their credentials and connect them with professional opportunities.

The students who stand to particularly benefit from this partnership are secondary students enrolled in VU’s early college program as they will instantly be connected with some of Indiana’s leading companies.

“Vincennes University has been connecting our students and corporate employer partners for years. STEM Premier will provide the whole spectrum of our students – high school dual credit, early college, traditional, work and learn, and adult learners – with greater access to opportunities with Indiana businesses,” said David A. Tucker, vice president for Workforce Development and Community Services for Vincennes University.

Originally founded in 1801 by former U.S. President William Henry Harrison, Vincennes University offers over 200 associate degree and certificate programs along with bachelor’s degree programs in technology, homeland security, nursing, and education. It is also well-known for providing access to degree programs to U.S. military personnel throughout the world through a combination of online learning and maintaining a presence at 38 military installations across the country. To date, over 75,000 active duty personnel, reservists, and guard members have taken advantage of VU’s educational programming.

We wish all of Vincennes University's students good luck as they pursue their academic and professional endeavors!