New College Spotlight: The Cooper Union

New York City is home to nearly one hundred universities and colleges spread throughout the vast metropolitan area. Some of them - like NYU and Columbia - you can probably name off the top of your head. However, the island of Manhattan is home to a bevy of exceptional schools that may not necessarily be household names outside of the Big Apple.

We’ve recently partnered with one such school, The Cooper Union, to help them sort through the city's and region’s college-bound students and personally connect with those whose academic aspirations match The Cooper Union’s mission.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art was founded in the mid-1850’s by industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper. Particularly known for its architecture, art, and engineering programs, Cooper Union envisions itself as an institution dedicated to preparing students to make enlightened contributions to society. True to this mission, the college awards every admitted student with a scholarship.

STEM Premier is excited to be working with such an esteemed institution. It is consistently recognized for its academic programs, and it was recently named #1 among Regional Colleges North by U.S. News And World Report. We recently caught up with Abby Davis, Assistant Director of Admissions at Cooper Union, who told us a bit more about the college and how they intend to utilize STEM Premier.

Tell us a little bit about The Cooper Union and its mission
Cooper Union was founded in 1859 with the radical notion that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of race, religion, or gender, so that they could improve their employment opportunities.

What does The Cooper Union look for in prospective students?
Students need to know that they want to study one of the three majors we offer - architecture, visual arts, or engineering. Important traits include time management ability, maturity, and independence.

What is the student experience like on campus?
Students at Cooper Union are driven, focused, and passionate. With an enrollment of fewer than 1000 students, students get to know their classmates well and also get to work one on one with faculty members. It is an intimate experience in the heart of downtown Manhattan.

How will STEM Premier change the way The Cooper Union recruits?
STEM Premier can help us reach well-qualified students who live in places where Cooper Union is less well known.

There are a plethora of colleges, schools, and universities in Manhattan. How will STEM Premier help The Cooper Union stand out from the rest?
The personalized connection STEM Premier provides throughout the recruitment process mirrors the type of educational environment we foster at Cooper.

Here Are Three Ways Colleges & Universities Benefit By Joining STEM Premier

Identify the type of student you're looking for with the talent search

Identify the type of student you're looking for with the talent search

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And that's just three reasons.

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