STEM Premier Spotlight: Tennessee

Quick Facts:

  • STEM Premier Secondary-Level Students: 2,000+
  • Top College Interests: University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee Technological University
  • Top Intended Majors: Pre-Medicine, Nursing, Mechanical Engineering

Having added 500 new student profiles in the past two months, Tennessee’s STEM Premier footprint is growing at a rapid pace. Among Tennessee’s more than two thousand STEM Premier students are 189 National Honor Society members and 107 HOSA members.

The state’s largest concentrations of STEM Premier students are located in Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, and Johnson City. The top occupational interests of Tennessee’s students include surgery, nursing, pediatrics, and mechanical engineering.

In recent years, the state has been directing resources to enhancing the state of STEM within its borders, establishing the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network - a “kindergarten to jobs” educational program - in 2010. Tennessee’s Department of Education also is a strong proponent of Project Lead the Way, and encourages Work Based Learning (WBL) as a proactive approaching to closing the gap between high school and high-demand, high-skill careers in Tennessee. The state predicts that STEM talent will be needed in critical areas in order to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, cleaning up existing hazards, and preventing future issues. Public health will also be an area of STEM need.