NexTier Bank Sponsors STEM Premier Program in Pennsylvania's Armstrong School District

Earlier this week, we were excited to welcome a new STEM Premier partnership. NexTier Bank will sponsor the STEM Premier platform for Pennsylvania’s Armstrong School District. This sponsorship will bring our platform directly to the District’s 5,000+ students allowing them to create profiles and showcase their grades, skills, and achievements.

NexTier Bank, with corporate offices in Kittanning, PA, provides banking, insurance, and wealth management services for western Pennsylvania.

"This partnership will allow us to effectively connect talent to college and business in a way we can measure and show great success", said Maria Smathers, Chief Marketing Officer at NexTier Bank. "Together, we are striving to connect students to careers in STEM-related fields and provide a better network for companies to find talent. In working together, we will be able to directly impact and strengthen our overall economic health."

NexTier’s sponsorship also provides for a $500 scholarship for a top STEM student in the school district. This scholarship helps promote our mission of helping students of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic status promote themselves and achieve professional success in an increasingly competitive job market. In 2012, over 40% of Armstrong School District’s students were eligible for free or reduced lunch and nearly 20% of families lived below the poverty line according to the New America Foundation

While the district’s students will be able to utilize the benefits of our platform, district administrators are also excited about the new Red Kite scholarship application which is embedded into the student dashboard. Red Kite assists students in finding scholarship opportunities which match their skills and interest areas.

We are looking forward to working with both NexTier and the Armstrong School District to help these students unlock their full potential.