Engineering Success: Society of Manufacturing Engineers and STEM Premier


When one of your partner organizations is nearly one hundred years old, you know you’re working with the best in the business. In our case, that partner would be SME.

SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote advanced manufacturing technology and developing a skilled workforce. Providing a forum for sharing resources with members and businesses, SME seeks to arm students, workers, and manufacturers with the knowledge and information necessary to grow and succeed in a rapidly-changing economy.

SME is one of the United States’ most established professionals organizations. It was originally founded in 1932 as the American Society of Tool Engineers (it’s name would later change to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1969). One it’s early landmark achievements was the publication of “The Tool Engineers Handbook” in 1948; 65,000 copies we’re sold within seven years of it’s original publication. Since then, SME has produced its own magazine, established an educational foundation, and expanded its reach to Canada.

SME has also opened its doors to students and younger individuals.

For any student interested in a career in manufacturing or technically-related STEM field, joining SME is a no-brainer. A self-described “one-stop shop” for students, SME membership offers students access to technical information on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and provides unparalleled networking opportunities

Our special partnership with SME provides a great opportunity for SME and potential SME student members. High school can college students can join STEM Premier, build a digital portfolio showcasing themselves to talent-seekers, and become a student SME member through the STEM Premier platform. 

Once students become an SME member, they are awarded the SME Member Digital Badge which displays on the student's STEM Premier profile - recognizing them as a member of SME. Talent-seekers like SME-trusted colleges and companies can then identify students who are involved in the organization. Talk about a way to separate yourself from the competition! 

As a renewed emphasis on manufacturing takes hold in the U.S., this partnership is pivotal for ensuring that students, schools, and organizations have ways to easily connect with each other.

Perhaps you could call it our own feat of engineering.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana Joins STEM Premier-Vincennes University Partnership

One month ago, we announced our partnership with Indiana-based Vincennes University. However - not to rest on our laurels - we’re excited to announce another incredible member of this collaboration: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana.

Building off of our partnership with VU, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) will be utilizing STEM Premier’s platform to recruit students for their Advance Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program. Billed as the strongest manufacturing-supportive degree in the state of Indiana, Toyota’s AMT program is an education-to-work initiative offered through Vincennes University.

Students in this program will be engaged in a high-powered five semester curriculum along with a paid working experience, all while being exposed to the best practices of Toyota’s world class manufacturing process. Over the course of the program, students will earn enough pay to cover their educational expenses and the opportunity to graduate debt free. This kind of opportunity is what STEM Premier is all about!

This three-way collaboration between STEM Premier, Vincennes University, and TMMI will play a part in alleviating the manufacturing skills gaps which is projected to become a major issue in the near future. Over 3.5 million manufacturing jobs are expected to be needed over the next decade, based on estimates from the National Association of Manufacturers. Of those, 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to the gap in necessary manufacturing skills.

“As technology increases, so does the need for skilled technicians at our facility. Programs such as the AMT program do a great job at creating a qualified pipeline of skilled technicians who are job ready,” said Terry Henderson, general manager, human resources at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana. “However, in order to maintain that talent pipeline, we need to reach high school students earlier and educate them on our programs and opportunities. That’s why our partnership with STEM Premier is so important to our success.”

We're Connecting The Future Workforce of South Carolina: SC FutureMakers

We're very proud to be partners with many incredible organizations across the nation, yet this newest collaboration hits a little closer to home for us in South Carolina where we are headquartered.

 The South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (SCMA) and STEM Premier have teamed up to create SC FutureMakers, an initiative which strives to increase the skilled workforce pipeline entering advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and IT-related careers in South Carolina.

Powered by STEM Premier, SC FutureMakers allows students to learn about and connect with the myriad of STEM professions in South Carolina. It’s no secret that the Palmetto State has been attracting some big names in manufacturing; names like Boeing, BMW, and Michelin. We want to connect our students with these opportunities and expose them to the possibilities that exist right in their own backyard.

The SC FutureMakers website contains information about available jobs, salary ranges, necessary training, and what steps students need to take to pursue a specific career. After students are armed with this knowledge, they join STEM Premier to showcase themselves and connect with the schools and companies offering the opportunities.

When the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance approached us with the idea for SC FutureMakers, we were honored. For over one hundred years, the SCMA has been advancing manufacturing throughout the state of South Carolina. SC FutureMakers is their response to the biggest challenge facing the state’s manufacturers; finding a future workforce of STEM talent.

This initiative is not only a great fit for students and the State of South Carolina. It is also an example of public and private organizations coming together to improve their communities by effectively utilizing the unique resources of both sectors.

We know what South Carolina’s students are capable of accomplishing, and we know what the state's manufacturers are capable of producing. Let's help them find each other.