Gretchen Whitney High School

Best STEM High Schools Spotlight: #5 Gretchen Whitney High School

In April, we talked about U.S. News and World Report’s recently released list of the best STEM high schools in the country.

We’re taking a closer look at the schools which made the list, and today, we’re rounding out the top five best schools with #5: Gretchen Whitney High School in Cerritos, California.

Quick Stats

  • Grade Levels: 7-12
  • Total Enrollment: 1022
  • Students on STEM Premier: 3

Founded in 1976, Gretchen Whitney High School’s vision is to develop intrinsically motivated, collaborative learners who approach their education purposefully and creatively by taking ownership of their learning to become responsible, innovative global citizens. A part of the ABC Unified School District in California, admission to Whitney High School - a magnet school - is selective and is based on state and district assessments and class rank. Students are selected and invited to attend based on a composite of their performance on the California Standards Test and an ABC district writing assessment.

Given the high standards for admission, Whitney High School’s test scores and accolades are not surprising. In 2014, Whitney students combined for an average ACT composite score of 31, blowing away the state average of 22.

It was named by U.S. and World Report as the #1 high school in California, which is quite an accomplishment given the state’s sheer size and number of schools. U.S. News also deemed it as the #19 best high school in the country.

Go Wildcats!