Learning From The Pros: Building Your Brand

University athletic programs - at all levels -  dedicate significant resources towards getting the best players possible on their team’s rosters. The reason is simple: people are an organization’s most important resource. The more talented the people are, the more successful the organization will be.

When it comes to collegiate athletics, the average fan only sees the end-product of this work; the games, matches, and meets.

But only the coaches and staff along with players and their families are knowledgeable of the entire process which is necessary to achieve that end-product.

The work starts early. It’s a process which spans multiple years, oftentimes beginning before athletes have begun their junior year of high school. In terms of results, it should come as no surprise that the athletic programs which work the hardest and longest on the recruiting trail are the same ones who tend to field the most competitive teams.

Where does it all begin?

There are an estimated 8 million high school athletes in the U.S., and only 480,000 of them will compete at the collegiate level. Even less than that will earn an athletic scholarship. So how do coaches wade through the nationwide ocean of athletes to find the dozen or so they want to recruit?

Interestingly enough, it is often the athlete who first reaches out to the university. There are strict rules about when and how often coaches can contact athletes, but none exist for when athletes initiate the contact. The most common practice is for an athlete or their coach to send game film for the university to evaluate. Sort of like how an interested job candidate would send a business their resume. 

That’s why having a strong brand and open channels of communication are critical for any strong program. Teams who don’t have a strong presence and reputation will find a distinct lack of interest in their programs. And programs which do not have reliable methods of receiving communication from athletes interested in their programs will soon find those athletes moving onto other programs who will pay them more attention. 

Similarly, by neglecting these concepts, educational institutions and businesses may be missing out on interested talent. STEM Premier solves this problem. By joining STEM Premier, these organizations ensure themselves of an online presence which students can find and feel comfortable approaching. Our platform also allows organizations to tailor their presence with video, information, links, and more so as to maximize their efforts via a comprehensive profile. They can also message talent directly to establish a connection and build a relationship with students who fit their needs in higher education and the workforce.   

Not every organization can be as dominant as the University of Alabama is on the gridiron, but STEM Premier will help them tap into a new source of hidden talent and level the playing field.