Clemson University

STEM Premier Top 100 Student Honored at HOSA International Leadership Conference

Our friends at HOSA-Future Health Professionals recently held their HOSA International Leadership Conference last month. The Orlando, Florida event marked a momentous and successful year for HOSA as their membership grew to 218,000 individuals!

Perhaps more importantly, the conference also provided an opportunity for HOSA to award $96,000 in scholarship support to dozens of deserving students from across the country. These recipients will become our nation’s next generation of doctors, nurses, technicians, and scientists. HOSA members apply for the National HOSA Scholarships through STEM Premier. This means that every applicant and recipient is represented on STEM Premier's platform.  

Although all of the recipients are doubtlessly commendable, we would like to throw a special shout-out to Sydney Bertram from Columbia, South Carolina. Sydney was honored by HOSA with a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by STEM Premier. 

As a two-time STEM Premier Top 100 student, Sydney has been in our spotlight before.  However, her further accomplishments only reinforce our belief that she will one day make her mark on the field of healthcare. She recently committed to attend Clemson University and was also accepted by the University of Virginia and UNC-Chapel Hill. We wish her the best of luck as a Tiger! Congratulations, Sydney!