Learning From The Pros: Talent Evaluation Services

It’s no secret that college football has become big business. The stakes have grown higher. The stages and television audiences have grown larger. As a result, programs have been devoting larger amounts of resources into their operations in a relentless pursuit of a coveted national title.

As is true for any organization, the best way for a team to get on top - and stay on top - is to attract the best talent.

And to attract the best talent, you have to recruit the best talent. That’s where college coaches need some help. Some estimates have upwards of one million high school football players in the country. Given the sheer number of athletes, it is an impossible task to evaluate each one, and it is simply not practical to hire enough staff to keep tabs on them all.

That’s where talent evaluation and recruiting services come in. Since schools don’t have enough time and resources to scout an entire nation worth of prospects, they rely on services and experts to point the in the right direction.

Virtually unheard of in 1970’s and 80’s, these services have become so popular and relied upon as to become an industry in themselves. Rivals and Scout are now household terms. Tom Lemming’s Prep Football Report - an evaluation of the top 1200 prep football prospects each year - has come to be widely regarded as the “Bible of college football recruiting.”

The value of these services for college football programs lay in the countless hours of time saved and prospects reached. Before, college football coaches were forced to restrict their talent searches to the immediate surrounding area. Now, they can learn about prospect across the entire country and decide for themselves which ones are worth pursuing before they send coaches to evaluate them further.

This is exactly the same value proposition STEM Premier makes for schools, businesses, and organizations.

Using the same “star rating” system made popular by recruiting services like Rivals, STEM Premier comprehensively evaluates the credentials and accomplishments of high school students on our platform to provide educational institutions and other organizations with a game to develop their recruiting and talent pipeline strategy.

In fact, we will soon be releasing the 2017 edition of the annual STEM Premier Top 100 - the one hundred highest rated high school students in the country. Based on over thirty metrics in each student's profile, the Top 100 is a can't miss "who's who" of America's young talent. 

Sometimes teams aren't always simply looking for the best overall players. Sometimes they have specific position needs - at quarterback, for instance. Schools and organizations are the same way. STEM Premier is ready to help you address these needs as well. Organizations can use the advanced search features to find talent based on location, major, career interests, and much more. They can then follow these students in order to stay in touch and build a relationship - all from the comfort of their corporate office!

The best college football programs trust and rely on these services. Why shouldn’t your organization?

After all, there are millions of potential students and employees out there. You could probably use some help finding the best.