Our Latest Dashboard Scholarship Winner Announced

We are proud to award multiple STEM Premier scholarships each year. We understand the critical importance of financial aid, and seek to help our students as they pursue their academic and professional dreams. 

The STEM Premier Dashboard Scholarship - awarded quarterly - asks students to provide their best answer to a certain question. The student with the most impressive, unique, or intriguing answer is selected as the winner. 

This time around, we asked applicants to submit their best answer to the following question: What kind of technology do you think will make the biggest impact in the next decade and why?

We had many fantastic applicants, and we are pleased to announce the winner...drumroll please…

Vy Le from Wichita, Kansas!

Vy is a sophomore at Northeast Magnet High School in Wichita interested in the field of medicine. Her college interests include Stanford, Harvard, the University of California-San Francisco, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and the University of Kansas.    

We caught up with Vy for a little Q & A so we could get to know her a little better. Here’s what she had to say:                                                                    

1. Something you wouldn't know about me is...that I love to listen to music (preferably classical/edm/kpop), but I don't have any specific artist/band as a favorite!

2. For fun, I like to...watch documentaries, cooking, or house design videos! I enjoy learning about history, watching people make food, or seeing someone design a house. Also, I love to learn new songs on the violin, whether it be modern music or classical, by just listening to the song!

3. If I could meet anyone in the world, I'd want to meet...Shinya Yamanaka! He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2012 for discovering that any mature cell has the genetic information to become a stem cell. This means a skin cell could be reprogrammed into a stem cell, which could potentially become any cell in the organism. This is super important (and cool) because any damaged organ or limb can be regrown with the same genetic information as the rest of the body!

4. The best teacher I've ever had was...I don't think I could just say one teacher. All of my teachers have been amazing and have done their job wonderfully! I've come to realize that teachers work super hard to educate students, and I appreciate all of my teachers' effort and hard work to succeed in doing so!

5. The last app I downloaded on my phone was..."Pocket Anatomy"! My sister had told me about it and I was quite interested because I figured it would be very helpful for me since I take a "human body systems" class! I'm still exploring the app, but I love how it lets you choose how much is on the body, like which layer you want to see (muscles, nerves, bone, etc).

6. After high school, my next step is...to go to a university! I don't know exactly what I intend to be at this time, but I know I want to help people medically, and so I will most likely major in something like biology!

7. In ten years, I see myself...graduating medical school with a M.D, starting my training to get a Ph.D!

8. My greatest dream is...for medical assistance to be available to everyone who needs it. I believe everyone should be able to get medical help if they need it. Money seems to be the biggest issue, but with the help of many charities and volunteers, we can all move a step further into making this dream a reality!

9. The thing I like the most about STEM Premier is...that it helps students organize everything in one account! Students can easily put down all the information they want colleges to know, such as experiences, achievements, and test scores. They can also share their profile with anyone, so it is way more efficient way than having to try and retype every achievement each time they might need to showcase their work! I guess you could say its organization skills are on point! :)

As part of her scholarship, Vy will also be awarded the exclusive STEM Premier Dashboard Scholarship Digital Badge. 

Congratulations Vy! We have no doubt that you will make a big difference in medicine one day. Maybe even win your own Nobel Peace Prize!