Follow the Leader: STEM Premier's Search and Follow Features

If you are an academic institution, business, or any other type of organization on the hunt for talent, chances are that your search won’t be limited to any single criterion or skill. For example, if you are an auto manufacturer, not only will you need skilled machinists, welders, and engineers for your design and assembly teams, but also accountants, artists, and maybe even people proficient in Japanese or German.

We understand that your search can be multi-faceted, which is what makes STEM Premier’s search and follow functions a great asset.

By using STEM Premier’s detailed search, organizations can pinpoint every student on our database which matches the criteria which they are looking for. Once they’ve had a chance to review that segment, they can save that search with a customized name - say, “Mechanical Engineering Majors: Texas” - and add the search to their dashboard, where they will be able to view detailed information about the segment in aggregate.

Need to keep track of a dozen different segments? No problem! You can create as many customized segments as you need to, and these segments will automatically refresh based on new profiles or information in database.

You may have a special group of talent that you have hand-picked for a specific reason. Keep track of them by using the “follow” button located next to the student’s name in the search results. This way, you can ensure that your all-stars stay on your organization’s radar for more personal engagement.

Whatever your organization’s recruiting strategy is, STEM Premier provides a wealth of professional talent at your fingertips.