10 Intended Majors You May Not Expect on STEM Premier

It’s true that STEM Premier is an academic networking hub for all things Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. With over 150,000 students currently on our platform, we’re growing fast!

But it’s important to remember that STEM Premier is used by a lot more students besides those interested in traditional STEM fields. When crafting their profiles, students can choose from hundreds of intended majors from a variety of disciplines such as the humanities, fine arts, and business.

Here’s a list of ten non-STEM majors you’ll find on STEM Premier along with the number of students interested in them, based on their profile information.

  1. Accounting and Finance: 281
  2. Photography: 58
  3. Criminology: 126
  4. Interior Design: 70
  5. Philosophy: 49
  6. Sports Medicine: 234
  7. Music Education: 87
  8. Dance: 49
  9. Journalism: 46
  10. Economics: 112

Of course, as the number of students on our platform continues to grow, so too will this pool of talent. By creating a profile on STEM Premier, schools and businesses across the country can dive in and begin mining our database for the students who fit their needs.