Stars of the Silver Screen: STEM Premier's Video Feature

You’re a student and you’ve established a STEM Premier profile for yourself. That’s a great start. So now what?

Here’s a question to consider: Have you made your profile as eye-catching as it can possibly be?

Your profile is your opportunity to shine, so don’t let any of STEM Premier’s features go to waste!

It’s extremely important to list your grades, accomplishments, and test scores on your profile. That’s great information that schools, colleges, and businesses can use to find talent just like you. But words and numbers can’t really tell the whole story about YOU. STEM Premier’s video feature gives you the ability to really shine and stand out amongst the crowd.

Here are six tips for taking full advantage of videos on your profile:

1.      Think about your skills and talents that can’t be described with words: If you asked a classical pianist to describe their favorite piece, you’ll probably hear a whole lot of fancy piano jargon like “arpeggios,” “octaves,” and “cadenza.” Those words may mean something to piano players, but they don’t convey the beauty of the actual music. Think about your talents that are difficult to describe. Chances are, a video of you showing off those skills will make a much bigger impression!

2.      Think outside the box: You may think that you don’t have any skills that can be filmed, such as playing an instrument or singing. Think again! If it’s something you can do, you can film it! For example, think about screenshotting your computer screen as you work on complicated lines of programming code. Or maybe you have some pieces of art that you can show off as you talk about them. Be creative!

3.      Film yourself: We’re living in the digital age. Don’t worry if you don’t have any videos of yourself from “official” or “professional” sources. Take matters into your own hands and film yourself. That way, you can really dance like no one’s watching!

4.    Showcase those technical skills: Can you do some amazing things with your hands? Let people see your talents like welding, mechatronics, robotics, or automotive repair. 

5.      Use clean and clear material: Your videos are an extension of your STEM Premier profile, which you want to be clean and professional. When possible, try to stay away from shaky or fuzzy videos that make it difficult for the viewer to tell what’s going on.

6.      Upload multiple videos: Don’t stop at just one! Our platform allows students to upload and display multiple videos on their profile. Have more than one talent to show off? No problem!

There’s no better way to show yourself off than, well...showing yourself off! Think about how you can incorporate videos into your STEM Premier profile and take yourself to the next level.