The Right Fit: University STEM Student Success Hinges on Clear Direction

Ask any college-bound student what they plan to major in at their post-secondary institution. Chances are that they will have no idea. Even if they do, it is no guarantee that they will stick with their intended major throughout their matriculation.

 Even if you restrict your query to the STEM disciplines, the picture becomes no less hazy.

Among the general population, there lacks an understanding of the diversity of STEM, even within its subsets, like engineering.

 There’s mechanical engineering. Electrical engineering. Chemical Engineering. The list goes on. And even if students are able to figure out that engineering is in their future, they still have to decide what type they are most interested in - and have the most aptitude for.

 A recent article by U.S. News and World Report highlights the benefits which exist for students to know exactly what type of engineering program they’d like to pursue before they get to college. Uncertainty can lead to delayed graduation dates, which can mean more student loans, and more debt for young graduates. Better for students to go to school knowing what curriculum they need to pursue.

This is, admittedly, no easy feat. It’s tough enough for a student to decide if they even want to be an engineer, let alone what kind, before they step onto campus.

That is why numerous organizations are stepping in to assist high school students find the right path for themselves. Entities, such as STEM Premier partner Project Lead the Way, bring STEM curricula directly to middle and high school students so they can get a better understanding of the different areas of engineering and find what most interests them.

Experts are lauding these organizations and are highly encouraging students to engage with them to benefit their own educational career. At STEM Premier, we continue to strive to shrink the learning curve for students around the country. If students know what they want to achieve, we can help them more effectively achieve their goals.