5 Ideas for Post-Secondary Institutions to Consider When Building their STEM Premier Profile

STEM Premier allows post-secondary institutions the ability to create a free profile in order to begin getting their brand in front of the 125,000+ students on our platform.

Although a premium account is needed in order to access more in-depth features - such as the ability to find, track, and communicate with students who meet your needs - a free account still allows institutions to expand their digital footprint and begin engaging students. 

Whether your institution is just dipping a toe in the water, or diving right into the STEM talent search, consider the following five tips to jump start your STEM Premier profile:

  1. Provide an overview of your institution: Your profile is an excellent way to provide relevant information to prospective students. What types of degree programs do you offer? What are your student demographics like? What is the faculty to student ratio? These all help students decide if your school is right for them 
  2. Link to your social media accounts: This is a no-brainer these days. Students are constantly plugged into social media, and by neglecting this key avenue of communication, you could be missing out on engaging with potential applicants and students.
  3. Add a video: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, your institution's best highlight video may be worth a million! Show students what your institution has to offer by giving them a glance at the programs, facilities, and faculty to have to offer them.
  4. Post scholarship opportunities: Have a great scholarship or award to offer? Get the word out by posting your opportunities on our platform for interested students to find.
  5. Include your events: Post the dates and locations of your info sessions, open houses, and other events by including it on your profile. Maximize your recruitment efforts!

And this is just getting started. 

Create your institution’s free or premium account today.