Digital Badging: A Closer Look At STEM Premier's Badging System

Unique to STEM Premier’s platform is the ability for students to earn and display badges on their profile. Let’s be real. Even if it’s as nondescript as logging 10,000 daily steps on their Fitbit, everyone loves showing off and keeping track of their achievements. So much so that the concept has become woven into the fabric of countless apps and technology.

We wanted our students to be able to make themselves stand out by showcasing their unique achievements and qualifications. Our digital badging system allows them to do just that.

The badging system is virtual recognition displayed at the top of each students’ profile. A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments. We allow organizations to create digital badges within STEM Premier so students can request, earn, and display verified skills or credentials straight from the organization.

A great example of this stems from our partnership with Project Lead The Way and their PTLW-CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) Badge. STEM Premier students who are enrolled in the necessary qualifying course can apply to have the badge displayed on their profile. The request is then verified by PLTW, at which point the badge will then be approved and appear automatically on the student's’ profile. This is a certified indicator that tells employers searching for specific talent that the student is ready for a career in advanced manufacturing.

We also award several of our own badges including our Five-Star Badge and our Top 100 Badge.

Not only is our digital badging system informative, it’s also a fun way for students to engage with our platform and help employers find the talent they’re looking for.