We're Connecting The Future Workforce of South Carolina: SC FutureMakers

We're very proud to be partners with many incredible organizations across the nation, yet this newest collaboration hits a little closer to home for us in South Carolina where we are headquartered.

 The South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (SCMA) and STEM Premier have teamed up to create SC FutureMakers, an initiative which strives to increase the skilled workforce pipeline entering advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and IT-related careers in South Carolina.

Powered by STEM Premier, SC FutureMakers allows students to learn about and connect with the myriad of STEM professions in South Carolina. It’s no secret that the Palmetto State has been attracting some big names in manufacturing; names like Boeing, BMW, and Michelin. We want to connect our students with these opportunities and expose them to the possibilities that exist right in their own backyard.

The SC FutureMakers website contains information about available jobs, salary ranges, necessary training, and what steps students need to take to pursue a specific career. After students are armed with this knowledge, they join STEM Premier to showcase themselves and connect with the schools and companies offering the opportunities.

When the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance approached us with the idea for SC FutureMakers, we were honored. For over one hundred years, the SCMA has been advancing manufacturing throughout the state of South Carolina. SC FutureMakers is their response to the biggest challenge facing the state’s manufacturers; finding a future workforce of STEM talent.

This initiative is not only a great fit for students and the State of South Carolina. It is also an example of public and private organizations coming together to improve their communities by effectively utilizing the unique resources of both sectors.

We know what South Carolina’s students are capable of accomplishing, and we know what the state's manufacturers are capable of producing. Let's help them find each other.