STEM Premier Spotlight: Florida

Quick Stats:

  • STEM Premier Student Members in FL: 2,000+
  • Average SAT: 1743
  • Average ACT: 26
  • Average GPA: 3.59 (On a 4.0 scale)

When it comes to the growing demand for STEM talent, Florida is no exception. Since 2010, the Sunshine State has seen a 63% increase in labor demand for jobs requiring STEM proficiency.

In the world of STEM, Florida earns some unique recognition as the first state to adopt a state-specific list of the occupations that define STEM. It also compiles comprehensive regional reports of the most heavily advertised STEM job openings. And speaking of those job openings, currently the most in-demand STEM jobs in Florida are registered nurses, accountants, computer user support specialists, computer systems analysts, network administrators, and web developers.

With several notable cities along the vast Florida coastline, STEM Premier’s student base is distributed quite widely across the state. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville, Pensacola, and the Tampa Bay area are all well represented on our platform. Top occupational interests for Florida students include biological science and engineering, mechanical engineers, and surgery. Like the state of Georgia, female students on STEM Premier outnumber males on a 3:2 ratio.

According to ACT and their report on STEM in Florida, student interest in the STEM fields has remained unchanged over the past five years, and currently lags behind the overall national interest rate 49% to 47%. With STEM interest being a tad below average in the state, it’s a great opportunity for Florida’s students who are interested in STEM to set themselves apart from their peers using our platform.

Interested in learning more about STEM in Florida? Check out ACT’s full report.