ACT and STEM Premier: Creating Possibilities

Most people have heard about the ACT® test – the largest and most accepted college admissions test administered all over the country.

However, the ACT is actually just one facet of what ACT, the nonprofit organization that designs the test, does for individuals around the world.

Since 1959, ACT has offered assessments, research, information, and program management services to support education and workforce development. Trusted by educators and policymakers, its services extend far beyond collegiate entrance testing. ACT WorkKeys® assists job seekers in showing their readiness for particular jobs and employers in hiring, training, and retaining a strong and stable workforce. ACT Engage® measures student academic behaviors to help educators determine which of their students are at risk academically. And these programs represent only a portion of ACT’s offerings.

ACT’s reputation speaks for itself. Its commitment to empower individuals with the information and insights to make better decisions has allowed the ACT to become the most widely taken college entrance test in the US. In the class of 2015, nearly six out of ten high school graduates took the assessment.

ACT’s mission is “helping people achieve education and workplace success,” which makes it a natural partner for STEM Premier. The relationship between the two organizations began in 2014. After every test, ACT sends an email to those students interested in STEM informing them of the opportunities which STEM Premier provides. Then, through STEM Premier, students can qualify for scholarships that are funded through a joint effort of both organizations. Students can also build their own STEM Premier profiles in order to be noticed by educational institutions and businesses.

STEM Premier is proud to call ACT our partner as we seek together to advance educational and career success for students everywhere. ACT and STEM Premier: Creating Possibilities