STEM Premier Dashboard Scholarship Winner: Lydia Chew


Several times a year, we select STEM Premier students to receive the STEM Premier Dashboard Scholarship. Every student on STEM Premier is eligible to apply for the scholarship via their dashboard.

The scholarship is simple - answer our posed question the best you can!

The winning response was submitted by Lydia Chew, a high school senior from California!

Lydia is quite an active individual. A National Honor Society member and captain of her cross country team, she is impressive both inside and outside the classroom!

We wanted to do a little Q&A with Lydia to get to know our latest STEM Premier Dashboard Scholarship winner a little better. Read more below about her in her own words!

Something you wouldn't know about me is... that I've been wearing glasses since I was less than one year old!

For fun, I like to…. go on long runs, play the piano, and listen to a variety of music.

If I could meet anyone in the world, past or present, I would want to meet… Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I have so much respect for his activism and optimism, which are especially embodied by his campaign against polio and by his efforts to promote economic recovery.

The best teacher I’ve ever had is... Mrs. Kumar, who teaches AP Chemistry at Mission San Jose High School and has been a major catalyst for my success. Mrs. Kumar's knowledge and passion for teaching has led me develop an even more profound appreciation for education and learning.

The last app I downloaded on my phone was... the Starbucks app. I was in New York for a summer college program, and I wanted to reward myself after the final exam by enjoying some natural scenery and a free Frappuccino!

After high school, my next step is... to attend college, where I plan to study Nutrition and Dietetics and to further my interest in Environmental Chemistry.

In ten years, I see myself… as a Registered Dietitian and food advocate, serving people in my community as well as around the world. I especially look forward to helping my parents and elders with their nutrition and well-being, because that'll be the least I can do to thank them for all of their love and hard work.

My greatest dream is... to end hunger and malnutrition in the United States by impelling the federal government to invest in good nutrition (taking an approach similar to that of Environmental Keynesianism).

The thing I like about STEM Premier most is... how the platform isn't just made for the student—it's also made by the student.

Congratulations to you Lydia! We are excited to have students like you be part of the STEM Premier community. We’re sure that you’ll make a difference in the world someday!