Learning From The Pros: What Collegiate Athletics Can Teach Us About Recruiting

Ask any collegiate athletics coach how important recruiting is to their team’s success. Without hesitation, you’ll hear words such as...




Athletic talent is a scarce resource. There is only so much to go around. If you don’t work hard to attract your share of that talent, rest assured that somebody else will. It’s what economists term a zero-sum game.

Just how important is it to success? When five-time national championship football coach Nick Saban was hired at the University of Alabama in 2007, he asked Mal Moore, Alabama’s Athletic Director, if he thought he had hired the best coach in the country.

“Of course I do,” Moore replied.

“Well, you didn’t,” Saban corrected him. “I’m nothing without my players. But you did just hire a helluva recruiter.”

Why should things be any different for your institution or business? We often hear about how people are the most important resource in any organization. Alas, all too often we only pay lip service to that concept; We’re content to hire or accept those individuals who happen to stroll through our doors exhibiting even mild interest. The taxing nature of a comprehensive recruiting strategy stretches staff resources thin, even at larger organizations who can afford full-time recruiters.

That’s where STEM Premier can help.

In this series of blogs, we’ll be delving into the world of collegiate athletic recruiting to learn from the best. How do college programs, from powerhouses like Alabama to Division III teams, structure their strategy to evaluate and attract the best talent? And how can STEM Premier help you do the same?