More than STEM: Uncovering Talent of All Kinds

When people hear the term “STEM,” more than likely the first images which come to mind are that of a computer programmer steadfastly typing out lines of code or a chemist studiously observing a beaker of brightly-colored liquid.

That’s understandable.

But at STEM Premier, we realize that when it comes to STEM, there is more than meets the mind’s eye.

That hypothetical computer programmer and chemist more than likely obtained a STEM-related degree from a four-year university. Statistics also suggest that they’re both probably white males. 

So what about the students who don’t fit so neatly into that perception? What about an african-american high school senior in Texas whose dream is to be an aircraft pilot? Or how about a female from Arizona who’s interested in becoming a firefighter? What about the young man from Wisconsin looking to make a career in welding?

It shouldn’t matter whether an aspiring young individual is working toward their Ph.D or GED, they deserve to be seen and heard. The economic future of the U.S. depends on students with all manners of backgrounds, interests, educational levels, and - most importantly - dreams.

That’s why we're excited about what we do. It’s about connecting students everywhere with the educational institutions and businesses who need their passion. Whether it’s civil engineering, graphic design, carpentry, or nursing, there’s a student on STEM Premier waiting to be found.